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07703 052751

Hello and welcome, we are a computer repair and servicing company in Bury.We have over 15 years expertise in many different areas of computer repair, laptop repair and server repair. Over this time we have developed a high standard which is hard to beat, that why the people and companies we do services and repair for stay with us year after year and its their word of mouth that brings us new clients year after year. Not just in Bury but all over the North West. We also support clients overseas using remote support

I’m not going to ramble on about all the different services we offer, lets just say if you have problems or need a repair on your laptop, computer, console, server, house hold electrical's, web sites  or anything remotely similar give me a call or drop me an email it wont cost you a thing. If its something we don’t deal in I will do my best to get you the support or advice needed..

“We understand that in a world of tech it can be a mind field trying to get someone you can trust and depend on, that's why I’m honest about what I can and cant do, there's nothing more dangerous to your tech than someone who doesn't know what there doing!!

Please don’t get me wrong , in my 15 years there hasn’t been a job I wasn't able to sort out.

Over that time I have supported over 4 worldwide companies as a ICT manager and support technician , and they are still supported today.

Like I say if you have a problem just ring 07703052751 or email”

Leon Harlick