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A short introduction to CCTV


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, it is called this as unlike television it is not openly transmitted, it is built within a "closed circuit". A modern CCTV System consists of CCTV cameras, CCTV Recorder (aka Digital Video Recorder, or DVR for short), a display monitor and of course all these need to be connected together using cabling & accessories.


CCTV was developed and is still used primarily for surveillance/security of property, commercial and domestic, however it is being utilised for many other reasons such as health & safety, sports activity recording, factory/industrial production monitoring and even bird watching.


CCTV camera system


Protecting your property has never been more important and here at KConnection we’re in the business of helping you to safeguard all of your treasured possessions with a minimum of fuss and maximum affordability! Security alarms have been an integral part of many homes for a few years now and until quite recently this was in fact the only readily available solution to home security issues. Of course business premises have had the benefit of various other technologies for quite some time and we’re now extremely proud and excited to offer these said technologies to our valued customers. Outdoor CCTV camera equipment is a common site on business premises and via close collaboration with our suppliers we’re now offering discreet systems for use in the domestic environment. As you’d expect from a company who make choice a priority, our range of equipment is vast and whether you’re looking for a discreet ‘eyeball’ device, or a box variety, you’ll find a plethora of options available via our online catalogue. Of course we don’t expect our customers to be security experts and with this in mind we like to make ourselves readily available for any security related questions which you may have. Within the industry of security we’re regarded as one of the leading distributers, with a reputation for providing the complete security solution at the keenest of prices. There’s never been a better time to address those security issues and here at KConnection, we’re only too happy to help.


The most innovative security solutions


With a company philosophy of providing a large range at competitive prices, we should be your one and only port of call, when it comes to installing security devices in your property. We specialise in providing the perfect security solution for business and domestic premises alike and we’re confident, as a company, that you’ll find everything you’re ever likely to need, when it comes to securing your premises. If you’re not particularly well versed with the virtues of individual pieces of equipment our digital CCTV camera kit provides the obvious solution. Regardless of whether you opt for the basic product, or something with enhanced capabilities, you’ll be more than impressed with the features they offer. KConnection only deals in the very finest of devices, which not only deliver a class leading level of performance, but are incredibly kind to your pocket into the bargain! Discretion is of course the ‘watchword’ of security and it’s something that the latest CCTV spy camera positively delights in! For various reasons many of our valued customers don’t like to advertise their security arrangements and this is where hidden devices are particularly useful. All seeing ‘eyes’ can be cunningly disguised to look like lights, smoke detectors and even PIR devices, but make no mistake, they remain ultra reliable and effective! The security industry offers a wealth of innovative products and as a leading distributor; we consider it a priority that our customers have access to the very best of what’s currently available.


Passing the benefit of our experience on to our customers


Experience is worth its weight in gold and at KConnection we have an abundance of it! And you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re all too willing to pass our experience and knowledge of the security industry onto all of those who are interested in our products and services. As a company we’ve spent a great deal of time honing our enterprise so that it can be regarded amongst the best in the business. We pride ourselves on stocking products manufactured by the likes of Panasonic, Samsung, Seagate and Hunt, amongst other and in terms of live CCTV cameras UK, our range is quite possibly one of the best you’re likely to encounter. Being an online only business the first thing you’re likely to notice is the incredible affordability of our catalogue and we can honestly say that the savings we make by being an internet based outfit are passed directly onto our ever growing loyal customer base. Whatever your security needs may be, we can come up with the goods and as well as being well versed in the devices themselves, our specialist knowledge regarding connectivity is something of which we’re immensely proud. When you begin your search for a colour CCTV camera you’ll probably be surprised by the crystal clear images which they provide and in a way we like to think the services we provide are of equal clarity. For the very best security experience KConnection should be your first choice every time.


CCTV security cameras


In our humble opinion no home or business is complete until it has adequate security installed and if it’s an issue which you’ve avoided due to being confused by all the latest technology, you should get in touch will our knowledgeable team at your earliest convenience. There is no need to embroiled with technical issues when it comes to security and with the help of ‘plug in and play’ cables, we’ll show you just how easy installing a home or business security system can be! Of course there are many considerations to take into account when it comes to home CCTV cameras. Do you want vandal proof devices and what about weatherproofing, is it an essential requirement? Then there’s hard drive space to take into consideration, do you want continual recording capabilities? All these issues may, at first glance, appear to be ‘mindboggling’. But not to worry as with our expert guidance we can soon have you set up with a system that will keep all your treasured possessions as safe as houses! As a company we really treat security issues with the reverence which they deserve and you can rest assured that we’re committed to providing a level of service which we’re confident is pretty much out there on its own. Naturally we are in the business of selling security devices, but that doesn’t mean to say we’re not interested in what happens once you’ve made your purchase, after all a successful business involves far more than selling!


Your security feedback is always appreciated


If you’re used to dealing with companies who consider themselves above listening to what their customers have to say, you might find dealing with KConnection comes as something of a pleasant surprise. We want to know what you, as a customer, think about the services which we provide, just because we’re internet based doesn’t mean we wish to remain anonymous! We genuinely care what you think about us and if you feel we could improve in any way please let us know. We also encourage our customers to add their own comments regarding the security products they purchase from us, we’re sure people would appreciate unbiased reviews regarding the latest CCTV dome camera and the like. The most important issue for us is that you’re buying experience with us is a pleasurable one and in all honesty we’re extremely confident that it will be. Over the years we’ve developed an extremely close relationship with our suppliers, which not only benefits us, but our customers too. As soon as a new innovation appears on the market we strive to make it a part of our range as soon as possible. Take the highly technical night vision CCTV camera for instance, once upon a time extremely hard to source, but nowadays a feature of our regular line up. Where home or office security is concerned trying to take shortcuts is simply unacceptable and quite frankly, when you get in touch with us, there really is no need to.


Creating an impregnable defence against intruders


Closed circuit television systems, coupled with a quality alarm system, are an effective way of keeping intruders at bay and when you consider the relatively small price you have to pay for these technological marvels, they are well worth investing in. Perhaps the ultimate surveillance systems are those which incorporate an infrared CCTV camera, at the end of the day, nothing much gets past them! Whatever your budget may be we have security systems which give you that all important peace of mind and as we only deal in quality, you can rest assured that your investment will remain ever dependable. We urge you not to be fooled by the inferior products which are available from less reputable firms, as in all honesty they will not provide you, or your home with adequate protection! Quality devices like CCTV camera dvr are something which we highly recommend, especially for those who need continuous recordings and a look at our range will reveal some desirable options. KConnection is a name you can trust for all your security needs and by taking a look at our latest deals you are giving yourself the chance to purchase some of the most highly regarded security devices available today. And whilst we endeavour to make your items as easy to understand as possible, should you have any further ‘issues’ our live support team are only too willing to lend you a knowledgeable ear. Between us we’ll make your home or business an impregnable fortress!


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